Monday, November 01, 2004

Chemical Weapons in Falluja?

(via Mudville Gazette)

According to the Times Online insurgents say they will use chemical weapons in Falluja.

INSURGENTS in the rebel Iraqi city of Falluja claimed yesterday that they had added chemicals to mortar rounds and missiles that they intend to fire at American forces preparing for an all-out assault.

Cell commanders said some of the weapons could cause high-temperature fireballs and others were filled with cyanide.

I am definately no expert, but I tend to think this one is a bluff. First, who would be stupid enough to handle chemical weapons in a war zone without protection. If they want to, more power to 'em. They're just as likely to kill as many of themselves with the weapons as they are Americans.

Secondly, its one thing to have chemical weapons, it is totally a different thing to deliver them effectively. I seem to recall that improvised chemical weapons in mortars are pretty ineffective.

The insurgency's days are numbered in Falluja.


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