Monday, October 18, 2004

Reality is what you Make it

BREAKING UPDATE: The truth is revealed! Fellowship 9/11

Steven Moore from The Truth About Iraq posts an interesting email exchange between a Fahrenheit 9/11 producer and a freelance filmmaker in Iraq.

Of course, I think you would be hard pressed to find anybody that would claim that Michael Moore is objective and obviously he has talent for producing engaging documentaries.

But... if you're going to 'document' something, wouldn't you want to be there to actually... you know... document it?

On Jan 24, 2004, at 1:58 AM, tia lessin wrote:


I got
your name and email address from YYYYY. I am a
documentary filmmaker working
for Michael Moore. I am looking for video
footage from Iraq featuring
soldiers who disagree with the war and are
angry about being deployed there.
Do you have any footage like this
available for licensing?

Victoria Lessin

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Jan 23, 2004 11:16 PM
To: tia lessin
Subject: Re: Footage needed

I don't
really have much of anything that matches that description.
Most soldiers
don't have that perspective, but you can find it.

You can try ZZZZZ,
another doc filmmaker who has been here, I
think he's still here.
Best wishes,

On Jan 24, 2004, at 6:42 PM, wrote:


Thanks for
your quick reply and for giving me SSSSS contact info.

Judging by the
thousands of emails Michael has received from deployed soldiers and their
families, that perspective may be more widespread than you think, or at least
more widespread than the mainstream media has shown.

Stay safe out

Best regards,
Tia Lessin

Date: January 24, 2004 9:31:31 PM GMT+03:00
Subject: Re: Footage needed

Oh, you can definitely find
that perspective! I simply said most.

I don't know what the mainstream
media is portraying, I don't see it.

I've been in Baghdad since before
the Americans came. Everyone can find infinite faults with the occupation, I
have tons of complaints myself... just as everyone can find some good in the
occupation, you'd have to be blind not to... if you end up spending enough time
here and get to know enough Iraqis you'll see for yourself. I hope the
Americans, and particularly the CPA, leave as soon as possible... I expect they
will. But these issues are not black and white, it's a sea of gray.

certainly a great topic for a documentary.
best wishes,

P.S. BTW, I loved Bowling for Columbine.

Here's the e-mail from Michael Moore's people... read the dialog from
the bottom to the top.

Please feel free to pass it on to your brother,
but don't create a big e-mail list about it if you can because I don't want to
have people start sending me hate mail or adding me to their Viagra spams. :-)

Begin forwarded message:

ADDED REFLECTION: Assuming this email exchange is accurate, isn't it odd that Mr. Moore would have to go hunting down GI's for interviews IF IN FACT he had been receiving 1000's of emails?

I mean... wouldn't it be easier to interview the GI's who were already emailing you?


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