Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Gift of Freedom?

Citizen Frank highlights the story about Iraqis resisting the foreign insurgents. He also has this to add...

Here in Baghdad, on eman told me the story o fhis son being kidnapped. He raised a group of men, we would call it a posse back home, and went to the families of the kidnappers. Release the son or we kill the kidnappers families. Son released. Any questions about how Freedom spreads? It has to be fought for by the people wanting it.

Frank makes a brilliant observation.

Can anyone ever be 'given' freedom? Is freedom a gift, or does it have to be earned?

I give my kids a lot of freedom. But are they free? Not really. I have power and authority over them and if they step out of line of what I think they should do, I lay down the law.

I let my kids have the illusion of freedom, but they really aren't free. As long as they depend on me, they are in the cage I have created for them. They don't truly become free until they leave me. That is, when they take the responsibility and costs for their own freedom.

No country or people can truly be free until they grab hold of it themselves and make it their own.

Anything less is a gilded prison.


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