Thursday, October 28, 2004

Democratic Consultant: "If Bush Wins, We Will Make This Country Ungovernable By Christmas"

Ungovernable, indeed.

But the real news was Fund's report of a conversation he had with a Democratic consultant, whose name, he said, we'd all know. He didn't say the guy's name, but he said he had spoken to him in the green room during the taping of a recent show.

Fund asked what he thought of the election, and this man said, "Off the record, I think Kerry just might lose." But he then continued (paraphrased): "That doesn't mean it's over, though. Democrats will protest and fight so strongly that Bush won't have a win even if he wins. We will obstruct so much that this country will be ungovernable by Christmas."
Coming from the party that has made filibustering a well worn tool of politics, I can't say that this suprises me at all.

I am old enough to remember when the Democratic Party was firmly entrenched in the congress. I remember when Republican initiatives were routinely routed/minimalized by those who held the reigns of power.

In some ways, a split government is good because that is when they spend the least amount of money. But I have to wonder if 'making the country ungovernable' is a sign of a party that has the country's best interest in mind, or their own quest for power.

Perhaps this is just the view of one man... at least I hope so...


At October 28, 2004 at 11:24 PM, Blogger Bernard Park said...

Yeah making a country ungovernable is usually a bad idea. Sounds a little anarchistic to me. If Bush wins though, Congress will probably go left. Historically in a President's second term, the majority of congress has gone to the opposite side.


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