Monday, September 27, 2004

Weddings & Guns

Khalid Jarrar describes what Iraqi weddings are like and his experience of trying to obtain a gun.

so, last Thursday I went to two weddings, the first, my cousin, who is not a religious person, and in that case, the wedding is a big party for men and women together, where its the best place for any girl to demonstrate her beauty, since the society -the not-very-religious part of it- allows women to wear almost whatever they want in the weddings, with full make up and the best hair cuts...So single girls take the chance to attract the attention of single men, and of course their mothers too:)so its basically a beauty contest that men LOVE to attend.


I knew that there is a place that sells guns there, its a falafel restaurant actually, I went there and talked to the guy directly, I need a gun (I tolf him what I need exactly) he looked at me and said: well I don't have that kind of guns now, but if you want I can give you my gun, you can do your "thing" and get it back to me whenever you want!!!!!people don't get me wrong, its the first time I do such a thing, and I don't know these people, and I don't deal with guns, but I needed a gun cause they are kidnapping people from inside their houses for GOD's sake!!


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