Friday, September 03, 2004

Revenge really is sweet, study shows

Revenge feels sweet, and Swiss researchers said on Thursday they have the brain
scans to prove it.

"We scanned the subjects' brains while they learned about the defector's abuse
of trust and determined the punishment," the researchers wrote.

scans showed a clear pattern of activity in the brain's dorsal striatum,
involved in experiencing satisfaction, when one player penalized the other for

He likened the feeling to a driver refusing to let another he considers a
cheater squeeze in front of him in traffic.

"After squeezing back the
intruder, you can't help but notice a smile creep onto your face," Knutson wrote
in a commentary.

I find this so fascinating. Administering "justice" or punishment provides feelings of pleasure. Hardwired into the brain.

I mean, if you look at it from an evolutionary standpoint, humanity survives because of an inherent sense of "right and wrong". Just as much as it survives because high energy food tastes sweet, or good.

Just me being a geek again...


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