Monday, September 27, 2004

Frustration of The Iraqi Person

Fayrouz of Live from Dallas translates an article that analyzes the so called "insurgency" from an Arab perspective. (emphasis mine)

They struck at schools, recruitment centers, embassies and popular suburbs. Typical kidnappings of foreigners have risen for all citizenships and professions. Also, more university professors were kidnapped and killed. It’s a war against Iraq and Iraqis because those targeted were not officials in the government or American and British troops. Rather, they were ordinary citizens or foreigners in development and important sectors to the ordinary people. This war means only one thing: it’s not resistance, but a deliberate destroyable operation that wants to turn Iraq into ruins.

We must ask who has an interest in committing this crime. It can’t be an Iraqi resistance -- even if it wanted to overthrow the regime or to cause harm to the foreign troops. If this was the goal, it wasn’t going to explode cars at the ordinary people’s bodies. Further, it wouldn’t kidnap and kill university professors in an organized way. Also, it’s impossible to be a local resistance while it targets students only because they are Shia.


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