Friday, September 24, 2004

Baghdad Bars

When I was looking around for Iraqi Blogs, I came across Baghdad Update, which is run by a young woman working for a media company in Baghdad.

The post at the top of the blog caught my attention. She talks about a bar in the "Green Zone", set in a bunker with all kinds of weapons used as "props". She says this about it...

I found a new hangout in the i-zone, the Bunker bar. You know you're in a war zone when the local bar has an RPG mounted on the wall as well as mines and other types of weapons. You know you are in Iraq when the bar stools at the local bar are made out of rockets and missiles. Of course, the entire place is an actual bunker - talk about safe partying.

And she even provides a couple pictures of the place...

The stools are made from old rocket or bomb casings.

Too wild...


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