Thursday, August 26, 2004

Good & Evil

When I was fairly young, I tackled this question.

What is good? What is evil?

I had never taken any classes in philosophy. So the opinions I formed were from mostly my own observations. But, for me they pretty much still hold true today.

The first thing that I pretty much decided was that there were/are many things that don't necessarily fall into either category. So, I came up with three ways of classifying everything. That is, those things that are good, those things that are evil, and those things that are neither. (duh!)

For example... objects (things) themselves are neither good nor evil. A gun can be used for evil when it is used to kill someone, but it can also be used for good when it is used to provide food for a family. So, the gun in and of itself... just is.

The same is true for forces of nature, events of nature. A hurricane isn't evil, cancer isn't evil, death isn't evil. They are all just part of existence. They just are.

So... when does good and evil begin? What makes things good or evil?

Good and evil are the consequences of choice. The ability to predict the consequences of our choices springs into existence, good and evil.


So what is good? And what is evil?

My definition...

Good is/are those things that create order/harmony. Evil is/are those things that cause destruction/chaos. BUT... all in relationship to THE BIG PICTURE.

For example...

Killing a man is evil because it is the conscious destruction of a life. Killing a man who is in the midst of causing genocide is good, because in THE BIG PICTURE, the bigger evil is stopped when the smaller evil is committed.

That's how I figure out good and evil...

just in case you wanted to know...


At August 26, 2004 at 4:55 PM, Blogger Tabor said...

Good is good when a society says it is good. Evil is evil when a society says it is evil. It is all a cultural measurement. There are no absolutes!

At August 30, 2004 at 3:43 PM, Blogger Oddsfish said...

Hm...I believe the difference between good and evil/right and wrong is a lot deeper than you make it out to be. For instance, define chaos and destruction. One person's chaos may be pleasure for another. How can you explain this phenomenon? It's sad to live in a world of no moral absolutes...and those who believe there are ABSOLUTELY no absolutes.

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