Saturday, June 12, 2004


I admit it, I'm a Blogaddict...

The problem is, that there are so few blogs out there worth reading.

Blogs I hate-

Blogs that take too long to load.
Blogs that put their posts in small little boxes.
Blogs that aren't in english. (notthatIhatenonenglishspeakingpeoplemindyouits
Blogs that do squirrely things with the mouse or exits.
Blogs written by husbands who whine because they aren't getting more sex.
Teenybopper blogs.
Blogs written as though their child/pet are making the posts.
Blogs that complain about other blogs.

Blogs I love-

Blogs written by people who know how to tell a story. (even if it is about boring everyday crap)
Blogs that go balls out telling it like it is and making no apology for it. (sorry about the balls thing)
Blogs written by women. Ya'all drive me nuts, but I like what you have to say.


Blogs that entertain me. Cause that's the whole purpose of everybody writing blogs. Keeping me entertained.


At June 12, 2004 at 11:45 PM, Blogger Nai said...

Hey BG,

Thanks for adding my page to your links. Based on this post, I take that as a huge compliment.

Me Talk Pretty

At June 13, 2004 at 4:00 PM, Blogger BG said...

No, thank you for keeping me entertained...

At June 14, 2004 at 2:37 PM, Blogger Murphy said...

DITTO. I'll post a link to you. Also, thanks for the picture help, i'm crafting a prize package as we speak.

At June 14, 2004 at 4:49 PM, Blogger Oddsfish said...

Hmmm...since you visited AND commented on my blog, does that mean I have your 'stamp of approval?' Just kidding. I hope my blog is entertaining enough for you!

At June 16, 2004 at 4:36 PM, Blogger Murphy said...

There's a twelve step program out there just for people like you BG.

I've got an 'in' too, a guy I know who knows a guy who knows a guy who used to be in it and knows the director, who also happens to be a guy.

Wait, this might be a guy thing, in which case, I can't help you.

At June 18, 2004 at 1:00 PM, Blogger BG said...

It's a lost cause...

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